Cty611 is a Southern California-based company specializing in business licensing software for cities and municipalities. We’re tech experts, communications experts, finance professionals, and former elected officials. Over the last four years, we’ve spent $4 million in developing Cty611 from an awesome concept into a unique and specialized system that, not only automates business licensing, but also creates revenue, and provides a one-of-a-kind shopping network for consumers.

Here’s how it works

We call it the Cty611 Neighborhood Network. It consists of Government, Businesses, Local Organizations, Schools and Residents. More than a “shop local” or search engine program, it’s city government empowering local businesses with a more efficient and convenient way of doing business.

The information we gather in processing business licenses is used to create a complete and accurate directory of every business in any given city. Customers can find any local business in one spot—with precise information provided by business owners. No more lost Google searches.

We provide new revenue right back to the city and the community. Not only is our software free, but city governments can also generate new revenue, while Cty611 does all the work.

Businesses can take advantage of our affordable advertising options to create a dynamic online presence. They can offer coupons, promote deals, support local organizations and choose from a wide range of marketing tools to attract new business.

Consumers can find every local business in their town, and know that the information is updated and accurate.

Cities earning revenue. Businesses attracting customers. Organizations making connections. Consumers gaining access to information on special events and deals right in town.

That’s the Cty611 Neighborhood Network working for you.